Wednesday, April 30, 2008

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Progressive is the method for displaying TV images which reduces flickering, and sharpens the image. At the beginning of the discovery, the drafting method to television in knew with the interlace. Progressive this promising will serve the picture with the quality was more better than interlace because his capacity reduced the flicker. (this will show in front of your blog)

Okay, I will not be too long discussed about the understanding from both of them, that will be discussed by me at this time was the problem that in caused because of the existence Not synchronous between progressive and interlace. At this time almost all of DVD player that in sold in the market has adopted the system progressive scan, and we in promised would in offered the picture that better than DVD player previous that still was adopting the system interlace scan. But that was the problem was television that we with must be able to have put forward the picture progressive also. If we were still using television that only could put forward the picture interlace scan, not got the good picture, but even in served the picture that was not uniform or even blank completely. (this will show if visitor click read more)
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